Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray for dogs, conjunctivitis treatment

Vetericyn dog pink eye spray
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If your dog has pink eye due to an infection or virus, Vetericyn pink eye spray is the best thing online. Pink eye is often caused by irritants, allergies, injuries or objects in the eye.

But sometimes dog conjunctivitis is caused by infections or viruses. It is these types of dog pink eye that are contagious to other pets. Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray for dogs uses Microcyn technology, proven to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Vetericyn is good for all types of dog pink eye symptoms, with the extra benefit of being able to kill contagious viruses and bacteria. This makes it especially good for those who have several pets so it will not spread.

Since it’s in a spray form it’s easier to use on your dog. Simply wipe excess matter from the eyes and spray directly into the eyes. Do this 2 to 4 times a day until condition is cleared up. It is safe if licked by the dog.

Vetericyn pink eye spray for dogs is made by Healthy Pets, a well known leader in pet medications, supplements and other pet health care. They have products for all types of pets including horses, ferrets and birds.

If you think your dog has contagious pink eye you should keep it away from other pets until it is cleared up. Contagious pink eye is caused by infections, viruses or bacteria in the eye. Dog conjunctivitis from irritants, allergies, injuries or objects in the eye is not contagious.

If your not sure what is causing the dog pink eye then it’s better to be safe and keep the affected pet away from other pets until it has been treated back to health.

Vetericyn pink eye spray for dogs will:

* Sooth the eye from pain and itching
* Kill bacteria, fungus and viruses that cause pink eye
* Reduce swelling and discharge from the eyes
* Help prevent the spread of contagious pink eye to other pets
* Speeds up the healing of dog conjunctivitis

The safe pH neutral formula of Vetericyn is steroid-free, antibiotic-free, non-toxic and non-irritating. You can store it at room temperature, you do not have to refrigerate it. Make sure you close nozzle after each use.

If you want to try a holistic and all natural herbal dog pink eye treatment, check out Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog pink eye. It’s great for dog conjunctivitis in a holistic way. Since it’s all natural you can use it often if your dog is prone to get pink eye frequently.

Check out Vetericyn pink eye spray for dogs today and buy a bottle to have on hand. At the first sign of pink eye give your dog a spray of this and prevent it from getting worst.

If it happens to be a contagious type of pink eye by acting fast you can prevent it from spreading to other pets in your household or neighbors pets. If it’s not your dog will appreciate the soothing effects and get better fast.

Healthy Pets has free shipping on orders over $85 in the US. So buy a bottle today and be ready to treat your pooch at the first sign of dog pink eye, they will be glad you did!
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