Nettle-Eyebright Gold, all natural dog eye allergy treatment

Dog pink eye treatment with Nettle-Eyebright Gold holistic eye drops
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Many dog owners today are opting for all natural, holistic herbal remedies for their pets. Nettle-Eyebright Gold is a great all natural dog allergy treatment that helps with the eyes. It is taken orally and has a great bacon flavored taste!

Nettle-Eyebright Gold is made by Pet Wellbeing, a leader in holistic, herbal remedies for many different dog and cat aliments. All their products are Doctor of Veterinary Medicine formulated. They believe in all natural herbal treatments for pets.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog eye allergy treatment does several things:

* Soothes the pain and itching in the eyes
* Reduces the swelling around the eyes
* Helps to limit pink eye from spreading to other pets
* Speeds up the healing process
* Can prevent re-curing pink eye with regular use
* Gentle formula that contains no chemicals

Dog pink eye and allergies can be very painful or cause the eye to itch greatly. This causes the dog to scratch and wipe their eyes on objects, which hurts the eyes more and can spread pink eye to other pets.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold dog allergy drops is a blend of pure, natural herbal extracts that you give orally. It soothes the eye, reducing the pain and itching. It reduces the swelling and eye discharge mucus, limiting the spread to other pets and speeding up recovery.

Some breeds of dogs are prone to get pink eye symptoms often because of the shape of their eyes, fur and eyelashes. Since Nettle-Eyebright Gold is all natural and holistic you can use it often, treating your dog at the first sign of pink eye as opposed to using chemicals.

If you prefer a more common type of treatment that uses chemicals but may be a bit harsher on the eyes you may want to check out Vetericyn pink eye spray. This spray has ingredients that kills bacteria, fungus and viruses that cause pink eye in dogs.

Pink eye that is caused by viruses is the contagious kind that can be spread to other pets if they come in contact with the discharge from the affected pets eyes. However many causes of pink eye or allergies are not from viruses and not contagious.

Pet Wellbeing has a 90 day money back guarantee. If after using their product for 90 days your not satisfied with it, simply return the empty or used bottle for a full refund. That’s how sure they are you will like their products!

Nettle-Eyebright Gold Dog pink eye treatmentThey also have free shipping in the USA depending on how much you buy. You can chat live with a person who can answer your questions and read the many reviews of their products or leave your own.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog allergies does not need to be keep refrigerated. Just give orally twice daily. It has a nice natural bacon flavor!

You can read the full list of herbal ingredients at Pet Wellbeing. They are well trusted and popular with pet lovers who want all natural, holistic herbal remedies and supplements for their pets.

So for the best all natural dog eye allergy treatment, try Nettle-Eyebright Gold from Pet Wellbeing today. It really works well to stop the pain, itching, swelling and discharge of the eye from dog allergies. Keep a bottle on hand for your dog, get all natural Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog eye allergies today and see how well it works on your dog or your money back!