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Treatments for dog pink eye

Treatment for dog pink eye

If your reading this, chances are you have a dog suffering from pink eye and are trying to find a cure for it. You can find lots of information in this site about it so your in luck!

Dog pink eye, otherwise known as Conjunctivitis, and eye allergies is actually common in all animals. If you want to get right to the products that will help your dog, you have two choices.

For all natural, holistic herbal eye allergy I recommend Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog pink eye by Pet Wellbeing. They carry a full line of great herbal pet remedies that are gentle on your pet.

If your the type that like to get strong, Veterinarian grade medication, then check out Vetericyn pink eye spray by Healthy Pets. It’s made to work fast and can be used on many types of animals.

For a complete question and answer page about dog pink eye, like is it contagious, Please check out my dog pink eye Q&A page. You can find answers to the most common questions about dog Conjunctivitis.

To read about overall treatment of it, read my dog pink eye treatment page. This gives you a good idea on what you should do about it and what to use.

Finally for a list of other great holistic dog remedies, check out my Pet Wellbeing holistic remedies page and see all the different herbal remedies you can find for your dog.

I hope you find this site useful in your quest for dog pink eye answers and treatments. 🙂