Privacy Policy

I just wanted to give you a quick privacy policy statement, since some of my advertisers require them! Quite simply, I don’t collect anything about anyone who visits this site, Dog Pink Eye, at all.

I don’t collect your email nor sell anything to anyone else. Any information I do happen to get from you, such as your name or email when you make a comment, I keep it to myself. 🙂

Privacy Policy on this site in regards to 3rd party ads you find here:
We also use third party advertisements on Dog Pink Eye to support our site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site.

Which will also send these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information including your IP address, your ISP , the browser you used to visit our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed.

This is generally used for geotargeting purposes (showing New York real estate ads to someone in New York, for example) or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited (such as showing cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites).

You can chose to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings, or by managing preferences in programs such as Norton Internet Security.

However, this can affect how you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites. This could include the inability to login to services or programs, such as logging into forums or accounts.

So basically your safe here knowing that I will not collect or share any of your information. As for the 3rd party ads, well you get those on just about all sites anyways these days! I hope you find this site useful and informative for dog pink eye information. 🙂