Dog pink eye treatments, conjunctivitis treatment

Treating dog pink eye is often a simple matter, however it depends on what is causing it. Pink eye is simply the term used for a type of eye problem, or rather the result of it.

When a dog has conjunctivitis, or pink eye, the membrane that coats the back of the eyelid and whites of the eyes becomes irritated. That causes blood vessels in the membrane to break and swell, hence the pink color of the eye and why it’s called pink eye.

How a dog gets pink eye can be from many different things. However there are basically two different types: non-contagious eye injuries and contagious viruses and bacteria types. Lets take a look at what those two types are and what is best for them.

The non-contagious dog conjunctivitis type happens when the dogs eye is exposed to irritants, allergies, injury of the eye or objects in the eye. Simply getting an eyelash in your eye can lead to pink eye as it irritates the eye and can get worst.

Some breeds of dogs often have pink eye problems due to the shape of their eyes and how their hair and eyelashes tend to irritate their eyes easily. Being exposed to strong odors or chemicals can also cause pink eye.

The contagious type of dog conjunctivitis happens when it’s a virus or bacteria that cases the eye to get irritated. A cold can cause this, or having the eye exposed to contaminated water or other outside viruses, including other animals.

Nettle-Eyebright Gold pink eye dropsOther pets can get pink eye from this if they come into contact with the tears or discharge from the effected dog. This is why you should keep your pet away from others if it has viral pink eye.

For dog pink eye treatment due to exposure to irritants, allergies, injury of the eye or objects in the eye I recommend Nettle-Eyebright Gold dog pink eye remedy. It is a holistic, all natural herbal treatment remedy.

It soothes the eye, stopping the pain and itch and reducing the swelling and discharge of mucus from the eyes. It will speed up the healing process and make the eye healthy again.

Using it at the first sign of dog pink eye symptoms will heal it fast. Since it’s an all natural herbal treatment you can use it often on dogs that have reoccurring eye problems without worrying about harming your dog. It’s popular and well tested by many. Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and free shipping in the US! If you like holistic treatments you’ll love this.

Vetericyn pink eye sprayFor dog conjunctivitis treatments in a more conventional form, I recommend Vetericyn pink eye spray for dogs from Healthy Pets. It is a powerful spray that works on all types of animals.

It works great and has more normal Vet approved ingredients. Just spray directly into the eyes twice to four times a day until cleared up. It’s non-toxic and non-irritating to your pet and can be used on any type of animal from cats to horses.

Since it’s a spray it’s also easier to use on your dog. Wipe off excess spray around the dogs eyes and fur. Vetericyn is safe if licked by your dog so no worries there.

The two dog pink eye treatment products above are the best ones on the market in my opinion. I keep a bottle of both of them on hand for my two dogs and one cat. I have used them both several times over the years and they work great. The dogs don’t seem to mind them and it seems to lessen the itch and pain in the eyes.

So try one or both of them out today for dog conjunctivitis treatment. Just follow the directions, it’s easy. Of course if you see blood or a puncture in your dogs eye take them to a vet immediately as the injury is major and not home treatable. Treat your dogs pink eye with these great products today!